My Toes Each Have Their Own Little House To Workout In! Do Yours?

I slug my ass out of bed at 5:30 every morning to fit a workout into my busy day. It sucks, however, it is really refreshing and wakes me right up. Last year I had the misfortune to be basically crippled for a month due to a back injury. So, being the amazing guy that my bf is, he bought me a pair of these fancy biscuits, and voila! No more pain, and super flexy toes! They are the most comfortable sports shoe I have ever worn in my life, and although they don’t look it, they have incredible support on the inside. Like a bra for the feet! I have the Bikila, which is basically their version of a cross trainer. I run in them, do squats, weights, saunter…anything! They come in so many fun colors, and make sure that you identify your needs and match it up with the best style. I shall never return to the land of overstuffed gym shoes that make false claims. These babies have helped realign my spine, improved my balance, and have given me some amazing leg muscle.

So next time you see a ridiculous add about a regular gym shoe that can give you a butt like Kim Kardashian, just know it’s bs (she probably got an implant or has a midget living in there anyway). Just do copious amounts of squats and lunges, and you’ll have a firm tushy. So firm, you can bounce quarters off of it! Did I just make up a party game?

follow the link to order!  Vibram Five Fingers

As always, this is my final say.

V xo