I Braided My Hair! (AKA It’s My First Day)

Yesterday morning I was feeling a little creative…and I really didn’t feel like blow drying my hair. AND it was a no shampoo day, which I truly despise. So I fiddled with my locks, and came up with this little ditty.

Basically I French braided half of my head with still damp hair, and secured it with an elastic at the base of my neck ( I went a little further than center). The bun looks so awesome, because, well, there’s a rolled up sock in there. I know, I SHOULD have super thick hair, but the truth is that my hair is fine, I do have a lot of it, but it’s all layered up. So I cheat. It’s not like this isn’t the oldest trick in the book. Celebrities do it! I think…but I digress. Anyway, pull your pony through the center of said sock, fan your hair around the sock, secure the bun with another elastic over it, and then wind wind the extra strands around the base and secure with a pin! Hooray! Now  you’re cheating too!

To make said sock for bun: grab a sock that’s close to your hair color, cut the toe off, and roll. If you can’t find one that’s close enough, chances are that you can find a nylon that has a close enough hue. I rolled a black sock, in a dark brown nylon.

Enjoy cheating, you wonderful goddesses, you!

V xo