Matching Your Lips to Your Face!

As the autumn weather approaches, I’m not only thinking of wardrobe changes, but of the changes I’ll be making to my beauty routine as well. Bold lip colours are a F/W classic, especially paired with those flushed rosy cheeks from the cold! A bold red lip will instantly freshen up your look, and paired with a nude eye – it’s quick and easy.

Drew Barrymore rockin the subtle eye

and fire engine red lips.

Fall Beauty Looks from Elle

When you’re on the hunt for a bold, red lipstick make sure to consider the undertones in your skin. I am definitely guilty of going to the makeup counter, picking out a red that seems truly red – only to put it on and it looks fuschia, brown, orange etc!

Follow these rules to finding your perfect shade of red:

If your skin has pink undertones: Red lipsticks with coral undertones work best.

If your skin has yellow undertones: Red lipsticks with blue undertones work best.

If your skin has olive or dark undertones: Deep burgundy tones will look best, and keep you from looking like a clown!

These are some basic guidelines – but make sure you try a whole bunch of shades – because they aren’t set in stone. It is also about bright vs. dark and picking shades that aren’t too bold/bright for  your face/ eye make up. Just remember – don’t pair a bold eye with a bold lip.  Clown movies and bad 80’s makeup scared us enough as kids – nobody needs to relive “it” (pun certainly intended).

xo K


Homemade Lemon Oatmeal Body Butter Bars

Use these bars at the end of your shower to moisturize and soften your skin! Rub on, rinse off and towel dry! Bars without oatmeal can be used as massage bars out of the shower.

What You Will Need (Yield: 4 Bars) 
Mold (I used a cupcake tin/cupcake wrappers)
Pyrex or Heat-Safe Dish / Pot of Water
Spoon / Measuring Spoons
2 oz Shea Butter
2 oz Coconut Oil
2.5 oz Beeswax
Oatmeal (optional)
Essential Oil (optional)

1. Place beeswax in a Pyrex or heat-safe dish in a small amount of boiling water

2. Melt beeswax slowly over low heat, being careful not to burn the wax

3. Spoon out Shea Butter and Coconut oil and add it to the dish with the beeswax to melt

4. Carefully boil down the ingredients until you have a clear viscous liquid. It is important not to burn the oils and natural butters because once past their smoke point, the natural benefits from these ingredients are lost.

5. Lay out your cupcake molds and if you would like oatmeal – sprinkle ground oats into the bottom of each cup.

6. Remove mixture from heat and pour equally into molds

7. If you would like to add Essential Oil at this point for scent/ added benefits put one drop into each mold while they are still in their liquid form. I used Lemon Essential Oil for a citrus scent.

8. Set aside to harden and remove from molds when the bars are solid at room temperature

Enjoy! xo K 

A Sticky Face Is a Glowing Face.

I think I’ve established that I’m basically a product whore  lover. On a recent lunchtime trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, K was trying to pick out a new conditioner, and everything she picked up I said I tried, and yay or nay. She’s now worried for me and my bank account, and possibly my sanity? I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. So in an effort to save my bank account, I have taken a more natural, DIY approach to my skincare.

It’s been three weeks since I have been using a lemon honey mask, and my face looks glowy! My skin already hurt people’s eyes when in direct sunlight, but now they are blinded. I like to think it’s my beauty, but let’s be realistic. I am one pale wonder. The lemon in the mask actually helps you circulation, and to brighten your skin, while the honey acts as an antioxidant, getting rid of those pesky pimples, and any other contamination. For a week now, I’ve been using it on Boyfriend’s troubled skin, and he’s showing signs of improvement!

So here we go:

Honey Lemon Mask:

1 part lemon juice, 1 part honey

Mix until it’s the consistency of cough syrup, and apply to face with a cotton ball. Let that sucker sit for 20 minutes, and they say try not to talk, but that’s impossible for me. I was once asked to take a 10 day vow of silence by my enlightened older brother, and I couldn’t even last 10 minutes. Verbal diarrhea is one of my many talents! As well as origami, but that’s a whole other post. Now rinse! How amazing do you feel? Pretty goddess like right? It’s ok John, you can try it and feel like a goddess too.


V xo

P.S. You can totally use this over your entire body, but you may have to stand still on a tarp in the middle of your living room for 20 minutes. In that case, I hope you live alone or with your partner. Could get awkward with roommates. Like the time in college, where I boycotted pants and made everyone else do the same. Nothing sexual.

Moist! That’s How Our Skin Feels!

Vintage Babes

How many of you struggle with the winter-spring-summer skin care routine transition? I know we both do, and seeing as we’re both alabaster to the point of see through, we struggle with dryness, sunburns, and the occasional breakout. Solution! We both found different ways of keeping our skin soft, unburnt, and moisturized. My favorite product for every day use is a little miracle called Bee By The Sea Body Moisturizer…which I use on my face! It’s an all natural moisturizer that uses the power of honey and sea buckthorn to give you the glowiest complection out there!

Bee By The Sea

Bee By The Sea Body can use it on your face too!

My mum introduced this little gem to me about a year ago, and not only has it helped me even out my skin tone, it’s gotten rid of spots, acne, and it actually prevents breakouts. I just wash my face with baby wipes, then throw on some Bee By The Sea over my face, neck and decolletage. Oh? And did I mention it’s also anti aging? So this French face of mine is going to stay young ( as is tradition in our family), and it’s going to be even. V = 1, World = 0.

As far as my body goes, during the week I stay inside away from the sun, and I like to use baby oil at the end of my shower. I just spread it on, rinse, and then towel off, and it’s like instant silky skin. On the weekends, I’m fairly liberal with the sunscreen seeing as the sun is my enemy, and K’s too. Seriously, we’re really pale.

She isn’t kidding. Picture the creepiest porcelain doll you know. As far as my moisturizing routine goes, I’ve always been a big fan of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. LUSH is dedicated to making comestics from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils (yay!) and safe synthetics.

“It’s just a massive bag of yogurt!”

A video featuring the company mission statement as well as  some of the great products. I loved Big Art Attacks, didn’t you? 

I use Each Peach(and Two’s a Pair) massage bar (featured below) made with avocado and mango kernel butters, mixed with a cocoa butter and shea butter base. These bars are designed to melt on contact and can be rubbed or massaged into the skin. I use their massage bars after my showers and allow myself time for it to soak in to my skin,  or you can pat yourself down with a towel if you’re in a rush – because some might find these greasy. It smells light and citrus-y, which is totally up my alley. There a ton of other bars and scents to choose from! Did I mention that these can be enjoyed with a significant sexy other(s)? Massage parties are the best kinds of parties.

If you’re looking for something a little less messy that you can do at the end of your shower like V – try the Body Butter bars at LUSH. Rub it all over your skin at the end of your shower, rinse off the exfoliating bits and you’re good to go! No moisturizing cream needed. 

The Buffy Bar – Buffy your Bum!  

So there you have it, we’ve given you a bunch of options on how to keep your skin soft and moist – everyone’s favourite word! We’d love to hear feedback on your own methods of moisturizing in the comment section below. 

Happy buffying! 

I Braided My Hair! (AKA It’s My First Day)

Yesterday morning I was feeling a little creative…and I really didn’t feel like blow drying my hair. AND it was a no shampoo day, which I truly despise. So I fiddled with my locks, and came up with this little ditty.

Basically I French braided half of my head with still damp hair, and secured it with an elastic at the base of my neck ( I went a little further than center). The bun looks so awesome, because, well, there’s a rolled up sock in there. I know, I SHOULD have super thick hair, but the truth is that my hair is fine, I do have a lot of it, but it’s all layered up. So I cheat. It’s not like this isn’t the oldest trick in the book. Celebrities do it! I think…but I digress. Anyway, pull your pony through the center of said sock, fan your hair around the sock, secure the bun with another elastic over it, and then wind wind the extra strands around the base and secure with a pin! Hooray! Now  you’re cheating too!

To make said sock for bun: grab a sock that’s close to your hair color, cut the toe off, and roll. If you can’t find one that’s close enough, chances are that you can find a nylon that has a close enough hue. I rolled a black sock, in a dark brown nylon.

Enjoy cheating, you wonderful goddesses, you!

V xo

eos smooth sphere lip balm

We love our eos smooth sphere organic lip balm. Gluten, paraben, petrolatum, phthalate (don’t know what that is, who needs it!) – free. This lip balm glides on clear and is so fun to apply. It doesn’t dry out quickly because it contains vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. So far we’ve tried “summer fruit”, and it’s delicious!

It would be a great idea to try the “lemon drop” this summer – since it contains spf 15.

It’s obvious from the website, to the packaging, to the tactile simplicity of the smooth sphere, that a lot of care and thought goes into the eos products.

Sold at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $3 Canadian. Or buy it online from the eos website  Totally worth it!