Barrington Orr, You Make Me Smile

Growing up in northern Ontario isn’t an inspiring place when it comes to fashion. I would wander the halls in my Roxy T-shirt (gross), and bootcut jeans (even worse), in a daze just hoping that my mom would take me to Toronto to get me clothes I actually wanted to wear. Northern folk don’t tend to give two shits as to the look of a garment, as long as it’s warm, functional, and of ok quality. That’s when it happened, a beacon of light! I met my dear friend J, whom was dressed in the latest, and had a flare for making you feel good, as long as he liked you.

Isn’t J a doll?

Since those dark high school years, him and I have gotten even closer, and he’s gone on to make somewhat of a name for himself in the fashion world. I trust that you’ve all heard, if not frequently read his blog Barrington Orr. Though he’s modest about it, his site is really a glimpse into his beautiful mind, with a keen eye for style, a flair for the dramatic, and with a click of a button, you’re hooked. After his tireless hours working with his talented team, he’s getting much recognition, and has been invited to several fashion shows with backstage passes, and I’m hoping catering. Having spoken with him over the past couple of weeks, him and I are in cahoots to bring all of you something that is sorely needed in our lives. He’s thought up a brilliant device that tbh, no one else has really thought to customize. Ah! I can’t tell anybody what it is, but this man has found a hole in the market, and he plans on filling it…errm, yep. Filling it.

Enough of my flattery and banter, go and see for yourself. He will be one of the greats, and I’m so glad that he’s a close friend. Check out his daily posts, contests, and pics over at I promise you’ll become one of his 6000 + readers, and that number is growing every day.

xo V


We’ve Been Hibernating!!


My limbs are stiff, my skin is dry, but by golly, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Sorry, we’ve been successfully hibernating all winter, and haven’t popped our heads far enough out of our chunky turtlenecks, to really take a good look around. It seems at this time of year, that the days drag, the nights are too short, and that the world will never defrost from this terrible Popsicle, that we deem winter. Isn’t it a bitch? Anywho, K and I have been trying to work our way out of the funk, by looking at…drum roll…SPRING SHOES!! Ta daaaahhh!! The colors are so brilliant, the lines are delicate, and our thoughts of wearing no socks soon, make our hearts warm with excitement. 

ZSEY137_OUT_LGK just sent me this link from our wonderful friends at, and I fell in love instantly. Looks like the thick half wedged heel, will be the new silhouette this year, hopefully clearing out those god forsaken chunky wedges, that somehow made a comeback from the trash that was 90’s fashion. Terrible. My mom actually handed me a pair, that my 50 year old aunt wore in the 90’s, with the original Le Chateau box, and I almost blew chunks. It made me sick that this was being recycled into today’s much more informed society:
originalI literally googled “Terrible 90’s wedges”. Let’s not go back here people. Last summer, this made me weep. How far would it go? Are we going to bring back snap bracelets, that are weapons btw, butterfly hair clips, and…gag…Lisa Frank? Heavens to Betsy, did people even shower or brush their teeth back then?! No…no they did not. I think I witnessed more armpit hair, than one small child should. The memory haunts me still.

Back to what I was actually talking about! Shoes! Look at all the great ones that we’ve stumbled upon!



Chelsea Crew nik nak heels in green

Long story short, classic lady like lines are coming back, and clunky hooves are out. is chock full of beautiful styles for spring, so we highly suggest you get your bad-retro self together, and invest in some timeless pieces. Isn’t it also wonderful that risk of injury and spinal issues goes down, with the height of the heel? Cheers to being able to walk around in comfort, without sacrificing style this season! And cheers to K and I for showing our faces after some long winter months!

P.s. I know that I am now obsessed with my new discovery, of the very talented Chelsea Crew. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity!

Inspired #OOTD’s

Grey oxford brogues from Aldo

Moon/Lapis Lazuli Earrings from Urban Outfitters

Thrifted denim dress from Bungalow, Kensington Market

Inspiration: Baby Blue Pontiac Firebird 🙂

Felucca Lace deck shoes from Sebago

T-shirt c/o Dan Griffin

Lace/Denim Cut-offs from American Eagle Outfitters

Inspiration: Dan Griffin

Brown Messenger Bag from Urban Outfitters

Thrifted Guess High-waisted Jeans

Thrifted Blue Pussybow Blouse from Flattery

Venetian Glass Ring gift from Mom 😉

xo K 

Yes, we work for a footwear company.

Coye Nokes feather embellished T-straps, H&M dress

I’m tempted to open with “Autumn is just around the corner” – but let’s be honest, we still have a bit of July, and all of August, and I’m really not ready to admit that cold weather could be anywhere near us. At all. What I am ready to do is start shopping for Autumn atire – because I’m an online shopping whore. That I can admit. 

If you’re like V and I (Me and V? …Mom!?), you’ve already figured out that the  lovely pastels that you rocked this summer won’t work too well come the fall – not without a bit of styling. I present you with some fall colour trends for 2012 and a little inspiration to help you while you build your autumn wardrobe.  

Source: Pantone Fashion Color Report

Yes, V and I work at a footwear company. With all of the inside industry information I get on a daily basis, I thought it might be nice to focus this post on footwear trends for the upcoming fall season.

Swedish Hasbeens – Boot

Mustard is a popular hue for the fall, especially for your feet. Pair these with a rich brown skirt or pants and a smart, fitted blazer for work.

I can’t spare the love for the men out there. Yea, I know you’re reading this – probably because I demanded it and I’m standing behind you breathing over your shoulder. But that’s neither here nor there. Rich english pub browns, navys, hermes orange, and urban greys light up the fall footwear palette this fall. The penny loafer doesn’t seem like it will go out of style ever, so just get yourself a pair, alright man? please?

Another classic: the Mary Jane. Old school charm and a fresh autumn color palette will dominate the market this fall for ladies…

Braided and woven details on leather boots will look great with a pair of skinny jeans or a cute floral dress.

ALDO ‘Fastrost’ Boot Ecote Tall Braid Boot from UO

Keep in mind glitter and sparkle on your footwear is still totally rad this season dude. Not to mention metallic hardware details and embellishments. Dark shades of blue and navy deepen the “neutral” category as well.

Van Dal Toledo Leather Loafers / Joan High-top Sneakers

I could go on and on, but then you might never come back. Have fun with your footwear this fall. Try out some of these new colours and embellishments in a classic style. Relish in the details. Now is not the time to play it safe.


Images c/o Footwear Plus

I’m Pretty Much A Fitness Guru

Hi! My very good friend has asked me for help to lose some extra wobbly bits, and I was more than happy to oblige. The workout descriptions were kind of a jumbled mess of words, but since I’m going over there to demonstrate, I didn’t feel it necessary to explain myself too much.

Basically, for women, if you do a circuit each day, the pound will melt away, and you’ll be toned and feel good. I don’t mean going to a gym and using every machine at least once. That doesn’t work. Period. Do 12 reps of each exercise 3 times. Start from the bottom up, so, essentially: Butt, legs, back, shoulder, arms, cardio intervals, abs. And voila! Noticed how I started with the largest muscle groups?! That’s because they burn the most calories.

Anyway, here is an exert of my friend Vanessa’s Super Sweet Workout Plan!:

You don’t have to follow this religiously, but do try to stick to your guns. Try variations of these meals to suit what you like, and make sure it’s a lifestyle change that you’re ready to adapt basically forever. Don’t cut out anything that you absolutely can’t live without, and remember some cheat meals are ok, so that you don’t pull a shotgun out at 7/11!

This is basically how my days go:

Breaky (8am) : ¼ cup oatmeal, tbsp peanut butter. Blueberry green tea (A delicious variation is to add cinnamon, splenda, dried cranberries, and apple slices. Basically the oatmeal is key. It’s easy to digest, and those silly quaker oat people are right, as in it does help control your weight)

Snacky (10:30am): Half a scoop of Isoflex Peach Chiller protein powder, and about a cup and a half of water. The water level can vary depending on your taste. It honestly doesn’t affect the benefits.

Lunch (12:00pm): Can of deliciously flavoured tuna, either a pico di gaio, a salad, or veggies for dipping with hummus, an apple, and sometimes 10 rice crackers. Load up with as many greens as possible! Your greens portion can be huge, but just make sure that the meat portion is controlled.

Snacky #2 (3pm): A low glycemic fruit, such as, an apple, berries (don’t you dare add cream), pears, figs, or peaches. Sometimes I have cucumbers just on their own or with a little bit of pepper and vinegar.

Dinner (6pm): Half of a chicken breast and a big salad with low sodium salad dressing. You can do a ton of things though! Sometimes I like to stuff red peppers with diced chicken, peppers, jalapenos, and a bit of couscous to hold it together. Top it with salsa and it’s delicious! I know I said couscous, but make sure it’s only a little. You really, really want to limit carbs to earlier in the day, so that you have time to digest and work them off. This whole day doesn’t sound like a lot, but because you eat 6 times, you feel full. Also, don’t eat past 8pm maximum. No snacking with tv unless it’s cucumber or celery.

Also, no more pop. Diet pop is just as bad as that sugary stuff,  even though it says it isn’t. It harbours a bunch of sodium. I drink one pop a week. That’s it. And it’s always a coke zero. The rest of the time it’s either tea or water. You would be surprised at how much weight you can lose just from cutting out sugary drinks. Water helps you flush your body and will keep any bloat down too! Crystal light is also not an option. Sorry lovey!

V xo

PS. Don’t judge me. I tend to hang onto my childhood terminology for certain things. I still say Daddy.

My Toes Each Have Their Own Little House To Workout In! Do Yours?

I slug my ass out of bed at 5:30 every morning to fit a workout into my busy day. It sucks, however, it is really refreshing and wakes me right up. Last year I had the misfortune to be basically crippled for a month due to a back injury. So, being the amazing guy that my bf is, he bought me a pair of these fancy biscuits, and voila! No more pain, and super flexy toes! They are the most comfortable sports shoe I have ever worn in my life, and although they don’t look it, they have incredible support on the inside. Like a bra for the feet! I have the Bikila, which is basically their version of a cross trainer. I run in them, do squats, weights, saunter…anything! They come in so many fun colors, and make sure that you identify your needs and match it up with the best style. I shall never return to the land of overstuffed gym shoes that make false claims. These babies have helped realign my spine, improved my balance, and have given me some amazing leg muscle.

So next time you see a ridiculous add about a regular gym shoe that can give you a butt like Kim Kardashian, just know it’s bs (she probably got an implant or has a midget living in there anyway). Just do copious amounts of squats and lunges, and you’ll have a firm tushy. So firm, you can bounce quarters off of it! Did I just make up a party game?

follow the link to order!  Vibram Five Fingers

As always, this is my final say.

V xo

Pinterest, you addictive bitch.

Saying it out loud, makes me really believe that, yes, I am a pinterest addict. And I can proudly say that I have officially made K a pinterest addict too. I can’t go a day without finding something amazing, repinning it, and then trying to make it happen in my every day life. My most recent obession, is making my own fabric softener. What’s better than crawling into a freshly washed bed and smelling rosemary and mint? Or throwing your favourite maxi dress on, and having the smell of coconuts tickle your nose all day? I’M ADDICTED. It’s super easy, and really fun to make, because you get to pick whatever smell your gorgeous little heart desires. Just follow the link below, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some more amazing ideas on this wonderful woman’s blog. Thank you Jillee!

Ps. Always smell good. Nothing like a hit of B.O to the nostrils to make people run the other way.


Rebecca’s Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener!