Smoother Than A Dude With A Mustache


Wow. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well hi! I’m back, I’m salty today, so this little post better cheer me up. Pinterest, as mentioned previously, has peaked my interest with it’s DIY section as of late, and you can say that K and I have gone a little bit squirrely trying EVERYTHING. Or so we think, because, well frankly, we’re slightly vain. In the best possible way of course. 

So out of all of these wonderful DIY that we’ve been experimenting with, one seems to be standing out a bunch, well a couple do, but this one especially, is a small almost daily luxury. I’ve made my own scrub!! And now that I know the basic formula for making any scrub, I’m going to make more, and gift them! Hello cheap DIY *Christmas! (*Christmas is that holiday that used to be called Christmas, but now it’s just the Holidays…pfft) Anywho, so this would be the recipe that K and I have made, passed around, and use on ourselves almost daily. I have a ton of friends who have torn through 4 cups worth, and come back pleading for more…ahem Stiney! I love that girl. 

So here we go! This one is a morning caffeine shot for your skin. The coffee in the scrub acts as an antioxidant, which tightens your skin, and apparently helps reduce the look of cellulite. I don’t have any (sorry), so I don’t know if that’s true, but this stuff really helps to tone and hydrate, and it feels like the most satisfying all over scratch of your life. You’ll feel like you’re in a spa, but you’ll open your eyes, and realize that you’re just at the stupid gym, and you probably shouldn’t be moaning with pleasure in the shower….guilty. Red faced….


1 cup Sugar (can be cane, brown, white, raw)

1/4 cup Carrier Oil (Aka olive, baby oil, almond oil, safflower oil) *I use baby oil with vitamin e and aloe

5tbsp Coffee Grounds

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 tsp Almond Extract

pinch Lime Juice as a preservative

Mix it all together, it should be crumbly, stick it in a water proof jar and voila! Little ingrown hair bumps behind your legs? No? Well gone. Behind your arms? Gone! Smoother than a wet harp seal, ladies and gentlemen! They’re smooth right? Sure!  I win! 

Love you! 

V xo


Pinterest, you addictive bitch.

Saying it out loud, makes me really believe that, yes, I am a pinterest addict. And I can proudly say that I have officially made K a pinterest addict too. I can’t go a day without finding something amazing, repinning it, and then trying to make it happen in my every day life. My most recent obession, is making my own fabric softener. What’s better than crawling into a freshly washed bed and smelling rosemary and mint? Or throwing your favourite maxi dress on, and having the smell of coconuts tickle your nose all day? I’M ADDICTED. It’s super easy, and really fun to make, because you get to pick whatever smell your gorgeous little heart desires. Just follow the link below, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some more amazing ideas on this wonderful woman’s blog. Thank you Jillee!

Ps. Always smell good. Nothing like a hit of B.O to the nostrils to make people run the other way.


Rebecca’s Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener!

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason Jar Lanterns

Materials Needed:

  • A few mason jars ( as many as you want! )
  • 1 tea light for every mason jar
  • galvanized steel wire
  • pliers
  • stones or beads to decorate inside the jars ( optional )

MaterialsThis DIY is really easy, I know because someone with as little talent as myself could do it! You can purchase your mason jars at the local Value Village for about 99cents each. Or if you don’t have a thrift store they can be purchased brand new in bulk at most grocery stores. You might even have a few saved around the house from old pasta sauce jars like Classico. The galvanized steel wire and the bag of stones were purchased at the local Dollar store for $1.25 each.


  • Remove the round middle part of the mason jar lid and screw the top back on each jar.
  • Measure out (in my case) three different lengths of wire (long, medium, short).
  • Fold the wires over in half and create a loop. Twist all three wires together to make the loop.
  • Find the ends of each wire and wrap them around the neck of each mason jar lid. There isn’t very much technique to this part, I just wrapped the wire around and around until it was at my desired length and then snipped any sharp ends off with the pliers.
  • Repeat this step with the other end of the wire on the same lid.
  • Repeat the last two steps for each mason jar.
  • (Optional) I decided to finish off the loop by wrapping more wire around the base of the loop where the wires meet and twisting wire around the loop handle to give it a more finished look
  • Fill the mason jars with decorative stones (optional) and your tea lights
  • Hang and Enjoy!

Mason Jar Lantern