Barrington Orr, You Make Me Smile

Growing up in northern Ontario isn’t an inspiring place when it comes to fashion. I would wander the halls in my Roxy T-shirt (gross), and bootcut jeans (even worse), in a daze just hoping that my mom would take me to Toronto to get me clothes I actually wanted to wear. Northern folk don’t tend to give two shits as to the look of a garment, as long as it’s warm, functional, and of ok quality. That’s when it happened, a beacon of light! I met my dear friend J, whom was dressed in the latest, and had a flare for making you feel good, as long as he liked you.

Isn’t J a doll?

Since those dark high school years, him and I have gotten even closer, and he’s gone on to make somewhat of a name for himself in the fashion world. I trust that you’ve all heard, if not frequently read his blogĀ Barrington Orr. Though he’s modest about it, his site is really a glimpse into his beautiful mind, with a keen eye for style, a flair for the dramatic, and with a click of a button, you’re hooked. After his tireless hours working with his talented team, he’s getting much recognition, and has been invited to several fashion shows with backstage passes, and I’m hoping catering. Having spoken with him over the past couple of weeks, him and I are in cahoots to bring all of you something that is sorely needed in our lives. He’s thought up a brilliant device that tbh, no one else has really thought to customize. Ah! I can’t tell anybody what it is, but this man has found a hole in the market, and he plans on filling it…errm, yep. Filling it.

Enough of my flattery and banter, go and see for yourself. He will be one of the greats, and I’m so glad that he’s a close friend. Check out his daily posts, contests, and pics over atĀ I promise you’ll become one of his 6000 + readers, and that number is growing every day.

xo V


Pinterest, you addictive bitch.

Saying it out loud, makes me really believe that, yes, I am a pinterest addict. And I can proudly say that I have officially made K a pinterest addict too. I can’t go a day without finding something amazing, repinning it, and then trying to make it happen in my every day life. My most recent obession, is making my own fabric softener. What’s better than crawling into a freshly washed bed and smelling rosemary and mint? Or throwing your favourite maxi dress on, and having the smell of coconuts tickle your nose all day? I’M ADDICTED. It’s super easy, and really fun to make, because you get to pick whatever smell your gorgeous little heart desires. Just follow the link below, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some more amazing ideas on this wonderful woman’s blog. Thank you Jillee!

Ps. Always smell good. Nothing like a hit of B.O to the nostrils to make people run the other way.


Rebecca’s Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener!